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Districts Theme 2019

80's: "Thespians Just Wanna Have Fun"

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District FAQs

What is Districts?

Districts is a festival where students from all schools within District 6 are eligible to compete in individual events from performance to technical categories to get adjudicated on their piece. It is super fun and you get to see a variety of different performances and make tons of new friends from different schools! This year, it will be hosted at Fort Myers High School - thank you Troupe 0334!

What are the different Individual Events?


1. Solo Musical

2. Duet Musical

3. Small Group Musical

4. Large Group Musical

5. Monologues

6. Duet Acting

7. Ensemble Acting

8. Pantomime

9. Improv


1. Student Choreography

2. Playwrighting

3. Costume Design

4. Makeup Design

5. Publicity Direction

6. Scenic Design

7. Student Directed Scene

Am I allowed to go to Districts?

You do not have to be a thespian to attend the festival. Any student who goes to a school with an active Thespian troupe may be registered for Districts. Home-schooled students that are in zone for Gulf Coast High School are allowed to attend, but it is ultimately up to the troupe sponsor and the school administration.

What should I expect when I get to the festival?

On IE (Individual Events) day, all troupes will attend an opening ceremony and then split off. All performances are blocked in certain time frames and certain rooms for each specific category. Most students like to go support their friends and watch different IE’s. It is recommended to watch other pieces from other schools as well because there is a ton of talent within District 6!

Should I bring any money with me?

There is a time slotted for lunch. They have different companies come such as Chick Fil-A, Jimmy John’s, etc that come and serve every year, so just bring $10 for food, snacks, and drinks if you’d like! You can bring your own food at your preference as well.

Can I do scenes from a TV show or a movie?

BIG NO. You are only allowed to do scenes from a published play or musical. If there is a stage version of a film or book, you are required to use the stage version (for example, A Doll’s House is both a play and a film. You must use the stage script).

What if I don’t like performing and like staying behind the scenes?

There are also tech categories as well! The only difference is that there are “Tech Titles” which are a list of productions that you are limited to choose from for your tech piece.

What are this year’s Tech Titles?


One Act: Fighting Demons


Gender bending

Gender bending

Ten teenagers are trapped in their own lives and struggling with their own demons, told by a narrator. Cindy is hiding a tragic secret, Milton is fighting OCD, and Cyrus is fighting addiction. Alice is fighting bulimia, Lilah is fighting cancer, Tabitha has an abusive boyfriend, and Arnold is dealing with bullies. Will is handling his parents' divorce, Jezz is dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts, and Eli has a tragic past and is seeking redemption. Their personal demons watch over them as they choose to fight or stay trapped.

Gender bending

Gender bending

Gender bending

If need be, all roles can be changed to the opposite gender, so feel free to read whichever monologue you are most confident with.