important information

Your Crew

Stage Manager: Amy Tran

Assistant Stage Managers: Kura Robinson, Christie Pierre-Louis, Erik Durmishllari

Costumes: Talia Evans

Props: Julie Perez

Director: Jen Price

Choreographers: Jack Norkeliunas, Erica Sample

Run Crew: Text Amy Tran to sign up! (239)-989-9772


Tickets are $10 for students, and $15 for adults!

Show Dates/Times

10/5 at 7pm 

10/6  7pm

10/12 12 pm & 7pm

10/13 7pm

Sponsorship and Program Advertisements

Il Primo Night: October 3rd (time TBA)

Come out and support Footloose!


Backstage help and concessions: text Sade Bassan (239)-784-6240


Files coming soon.